Patterning & Algebra Test

Tomorrow we have a unit test. The review questions, along with some practice for graphing, were given to students last Thursday to work on over the weekend. The test will cover identifying patterns, creating expressions & equations from patterns and graphs, solving equations using different strategies including, isolating the variable.  The test will NOT cover collecting like terms (having more than one variable in the equation). Below are the answers to all of the review questions:


December Updates

This is an extremely busy month with classroom work and  assignments.  In Math, we are finishing up our Patterning and Algebra  unit.  On Tuesday Dec. 11 we will have our end of unit test covering both patterning (determining pattern rules from tiles, graphing patterns, understanding the role of the multiplier and the constant) and algebra (representing expressions and equations, solving equations by isolating the variable).  I have sent home review questions and graphing to work on over the weekend.

In History, we are working on our next inquiry project which is an independent project.  Students should have section 1 complete by Monday which is researching the difference between life in 1867 and now ( “Then” and “Now” T-Chart).

Many of our students have agreed to do a Secret Santa gift exchange on the last day of school.  They have all chosen a name to buy for and have agreed to a $10-$15 price range.

Math Homework

Literacy: Students are to complete their second perspective poem tonight in draft form (rough copy).  They also need to pick a passage from their novel that they will use for dramatic reading.

Math: Here is the work from today for those who need to complete it.

Graphing Practice
Here are 3 patterning rules:
number of tiles = position number x 1 + 1
number of tiles = position number x 3 + 1
number of tiles = position number x 5 + 1

1) Make a prediction about what the graph will look like. Why?

2) Create a graph for the above rules. Use a different colour to represent the trend ?line for each pattern. Add a title, labels, legend (if applicable).

3) Answer the following questions:
Were your predictions about what the graphs will look like correct?
How are the three patterns the same? How are they different?
How are the trend lines on the graph the same? How are they different?
How are the pattern rules the same? How are they different?
What does this activity tell us about the role of the multiplier when a pattern rule ?is represented as a trend line on a graph?

Progress Report Interview Schedule

Hello parents!  Progress reports will be going home on Tues. Oct. 30th.

Interviews will take place on the evening of Thursday, Nov. 1/18  and during the morning on Friday, Nov. 2/18 .

If you would like to meet to discus your child’s progress to date, kindly fill in the following Google Doc with your preferred date/time.

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If you are unable to make it during these times, please email me at and we can set up a mutually agreed time on another date or arrange a phone discussion.

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